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Aura Designs is a chennai based firm started to step its work in the year 2012. Aura Designs was founded by Mr. Austin Roshan. Being an engineering graduate he is specialized in the field of Interior Designs and Executions. Firm brings modern approach to our projects by managing it with professionalism, respect and above all integrity. To state it's not a lonely firm, we are a team of people who are well defined in their own respective domain to fulfill the clients need and which indeed helps the progress of the organization to a great extend.

Our firm's goal is to work hard, thus to establish our own knowledge and contribution to the field of architectural work. Our strength is to understand the clients need and apply conceptual ideas that we acquired from previous experience. Universe is full of space and space filled with new ideas to occupy. We help you to occupy those space with creative and innovative designs. Constructing a space includes exterior, what u sense and interiors, what u live, we bring u to live what u sense

What We Do


Carpentry details are a great way to bring the wow factor into residential spaces. Creating innovative interior design features in carpentry is something we love doing.


Flooring designs are an integral part of planning the interiors of a setup, be it home or workplace. It has a great role in completing the total theme of the interior.


Painting your home is exciting. Your house suddenly becomes a huge canvas and you can make it look the way you want. Our aim is simple, to make painting a great experience.


Electrical design is not an easy task. we as an expertise give choice of room utilization, decor, hobbies and the activities are now critical to electrical design.


Plumbing is an important part of interior design. Faulty plumbing can entirely ruin the effect functionally. we give you best experts to craft your dream design

False Ceiling

We are experts in false ceiling. False ceiling lits up the beauty of the interior work, which has to be designed and finished well according the room environment.


Networking is also a major role in corporate interiors. we are the best in the indusrty for all your networking needs in concern with your interior designs.


Best interior design comes with good ventilation and airflow, as experts we check the airflow in every corner to give you good comfort everywhere.

Glass Partition

Glass Partitons gives totally a enhanced look to the interior. we provide the best and branded glasses for partitioning which adds up the beauty of all your partition spaces.

Work Station

Work stations are the vital in corporates. which has to be sculped to the ease of everyone uses it. we provide professional and comfort work stations to all our clients.


A company's brand is what makes them unique and helps them to stand out against the competition. As experts we know what you need of an effective brand strategy is.


wall color encourages mood, designer wallpaper design does this and a bit more. Visually, it offers a direction towards a particular style. We get you the best.


Curtains and blinds allow us to adjust light and air, as we require. They also allow us to frame and emphasize the windows against the decor and color of the room.

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows can make your home safer and more efficient When you are looking to redesign your home, changing your windows can make a huge impact on the overall appearance.

ACP Elevation

aluminium panel its unique evenness and stability despite a low structural height. It also give an artistic touch as design elements.

We do home Decoration

We do Office Design

We do Interior Design

We do Commercial Design

We do Living room Design

We do Wooden wall Design

Imagination never closes! inclines never closes! dreams never closes! Be that as it may, your hunt closes here, we have confidence in giving quality administration, our outline draftsmen continually develops with most recent market patterns and advancements to give what our client needs. We assist clients with choosing the best plan that suite their qualities by furnishing them with imaginative outline arrangement.

Clients Words

  • Director, PMA School of Music

    Indeed, we are extremely pleased with the output that you had given and are happy to give our wholehearted endorsement to Aura Designs. Needless to say, you would certainly be our preferred designer for all our future endeavors.

  • FOUR Multimodal Solutions Private limited

    We thank the firm for handling this project with creativity, professionalism and most importantty completing on time. Given the opportunity we would like to recommend your organization to others in the industry

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